The Gist



We are a group of creative designers, builders, artists and producers, specializing in entertainment production in television/film, theatre, temporary and permanent installs, live events and conventions.  

If we can't build it for you, odds are it probably can't be built. 



Think of us as a group of people who just want to create.  It doesn't particularly matter what it is (within reason of course) as long as we get to be a part of it. 

We'll plan your next event and customize everything that goes along with it. If you need an off-the-wall prop, give us a shout. If you're from out of town and need local assistance, reach out. If you need a set designed and/or built, call us - we're good like that.  



We have multiple locations in Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana, but we'll go anywhere you need us.  If planes, trains, and automobiles can get there, so can we. We're not afraid to travel - don't threaten us with a good time!


Why Twisted Scenic

Why are we named Twisted Scenic? This photo is from a disaster site that I volunteered as a rigger for a search and rescue team in 2011. I remember sitting at this stop sign and looking at these four trees.  They were twisted from what they once were, yet they were still standing - beaten, battered, and almost defeated - they remained.  

We've  been those trees more than once, both personally and professionally, and that's exactly who we are as a company.  We will fight right along side you in every trench and survive every storm that comes toward us.  With us you can always rest easy that you're in the right hands.  Production is full of unpredictable "uh-oh" moments and we're there to ride it out with you.  We don't give up, we don't cut corners, and we for sure won't be defeated. The show must go on.