Production design, set construction and event producing.

If you think it, we can fabricate it. 

Mistakes like Fractures - Knocked Loose

We designed, built, art directed and FX'd this video for our good pals Max Moore and Knocked Loose! The shrinking perspective room was an interesting build to say the least but  completely worth it for the end results! 

A North Pole Experience - Sonny's place

This past winter we had the great pleasure of building, installing, and decorating Sonny's Place in Sommers Connecticut.  This is their 30 second tv spot. 

What I am - Behind the scenes

Check out this behind the scene's video of Crown the Empires's, What I am.   We built, propped, art directed, and f/x'd this video.  To date one of the most fun projects we've been a part of.  

The Rain - Knocked Loose

What a fun shoot! There's nothing like getting a call to design & build a set with the guidelines that you need to be able to sink it in a pool!  It was another Max Moore production and he just keeps challenging us every time.

What I Am - Crown the Empire

We designed, built, and art directed this piece and we couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out! A big thank you to everyone who helped us source gear, props or anything else outside of our Twisted Scenic family.

Madness - All That Remains

One time we got a call to build the Oval Office for an All That Remains music video and ran with it.  It was a thrash of a build and tough to pull the set dressings together but we made it happen.  We couldn't be happier with the results.